Dialogi in English

Dialogi in English

A-lehdet Dialogi in brief

A-lehdet Dialogi is a subsidiary of A-lehdet Oy and one of Finland’s biggest content marketing and customer communication houses. We engage in B2B and B2C marketing communications in a number of industries.

We produce over twenty customer, personnel and stakeholder magazines in digital and print through all channels. Our customer publications reach over three million Finns. In recent years, we have become the most awarded content marketing house in the Nordic countries in international industry competitions.

Dialogi employs over 30 passionate media professionals. A-lehdet’s versatile facilities, such as modern studios and photography equipment, are available to us. As part of the A-lehdet group of companies, we offer our customers access to media services.


At A-lehdet Dialogi, we think that the customer is at the core of everything. Our services aim to grow your business and communicate your messages cost-effectively.

We listen, learn, react and propose solutions that suit you—and it is up to you to decide.

We are a holistic partner of digital and print communications, and we use all of our creativity to achieve your strategic targets together.

Achieving the goal with the plan

In the current influx of messages, the strategic planning of content is even more important than before. In a successful content marketing strategy, every message serves achieving the objective.

At A-lehdet Dialogi, we believe in clear customer communications and insightful content, and we promise that it will allow you to reach your target audience with effect.

We take care of comprehensive planning of your customer communications, inspirational implementation, follow-up of results and learning content production in all forms of media.

Content strategy and content marketing include:

  • Holistic planning of strategic customer communications
  • Company’s content marketing strategy
  • Channel-specific digital, social and print media strategies and concepts
  • Content-specific plans and concepts
  • Creation and maintenance of communities
  • Mentoring and training
You can make the first impression only once

Design is about planning aiming for a perfectly functional solution. In publication planning, the task and aim of design is to eliminate the user interface, whether it concerns print media or a digital environment. In other words, the aim is for the content itself to become the user interface, and there is a minimum of interfering noise and unnecessary functionalities between the sender and the recipient. Design is purely functional thinking.

Certainly, design is also about thinking about the meanings of images and illustrations, information graphics and typography: apparent, hidden, cultural and emotion-based levels and effects. As people, we are rational, but it is feelings that make us act.

No matter what your overall communication challenge, we can find the best solution to it. The material produced by us for your company is always available to you when you want to reach a person important to you with the right feeling.

Design cooperation includes:

  • Planning and implementation of entire websites
  • Print media
  • Information graphics
  • Optimised images and illustrations
  • Presentations
  • Image administration and implementation service according to the annual plan mindset
  • Videos
Only analysed data provides results

An unbelievable number of messages pass by our eyes every day. How will your company’s messages find the recipient that matters?

For you to also be able to manage your company’s media content based on information, at A-lehdet Dialogi we select comprehensive necessary indicators and follow-up methods for them in cooperation with you.

In addition to reporting the results, we always also investigate the causal relationships. This provides us with research-based information with which we can react swiftly to any emerging needs for changes and cost-effectively modify your message.

Analysis work includes:

  • Present-state analyses
  • Planning of indicators of content marketing
  • Measurement and reporting of the effectiveness of the content
  • Analyses of the target audience
  • Follow-up of digital, social and print media and response to activity
  • Web analytics service packages
  • Web analytics optimisation
  • Recommended measures
Content at the core

At A-lehdet Dialogi, we create clear insights and inspiring, interesting content that stands out with its uncompromising quality.

We implement solutions that will reach your target audience cost-effectively in all channels.

Our work begins by defining the goals, target groups, channels and measures with you. If necessary, we can produce all content as a turnkey service or in cooperation with you as agreed.

Planning and content production includes:

  • Content plans
  • Publication plans
  • Digital magazines and sites
  • Magazines and other print publications
  • Websites
  • Digital publications and articles
  • Social media content
  • Intelligent newsletters
  • Videos
  • Information graphics
  • Blogs
  • Campaign publications
  • Copywriting

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